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Repair summer hair.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

1. Inspect the Hair

Before you can get to work on your recovery, you have to inspect your hair. All hair isn’t going to react to summertime the same way, nor is all your hair going to have the same amount of damage. Check your hair in three separate places – at the root, in the middle, and on the tips. Is it brittle and dehydrated?

2. Hair Mask

If you inspected your hair and it looks really dull, has split ends, or is dried out in spots, you may be able to fix it with a simple hair mask. Hair masks are a great way to restore vitality to your hair while strengthening your hair fiber. Also, it will smooth and protect the surface of your hair as your recovery process continues.

3. Protecting Spray

You can’t just hide indoors while your hair recovers. At some point you’ll have to go outside even though every one of your hair follicles is screaming at you to hide in bed. To further protect you from what the sun and pool/ocean water did to your follicles, we recommend a protecting spray with UVA and UVB protection.

4. Regular Haircuts

Undoubtedly after a summer full of scooter rides and ocean breeze, your hair has been whipped around more than the Buried Treasure drinks you had every night! As a result, you have split ends, which can cause more trouble down the road. They can even actively work against all the recovery steps you’ve taken so far. Come in for a haircut at blaine's dallas to take them off…and keep them off!

5. Take Care of Colored Hair

Colored hair has an even rougher time when it comes to sun, wind, and chlorine damage from summertime fun. The longer you go without a touch-up of your color the more work it will take to get it fully recovered.

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